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Marine Scaling Machine

Marine Scaling Machine

Marine Scaling Machine

1. Application of Marine Scaling Machine

    The VR 200 Marine Scaling Machine is a good choice for hatch cover, deck with large area to remove dust, characterized with fast in speed, high in efficiency and easy in operation.

2. Marine Scaling Machine Warning

(1) Broken socket or cable is prohibited.
(2) Check the motor and A/C switch to avoid short-circuit.
(3) Make sure each cutter can rotate independently so as not to break the main shaft.
(4) Long time service of cutters will make cutters hardness lower, new cutters are suggested for better work.

3. Health & safety instruction of Marine Scaling Machine

(1) Ear, eye and protection is suggested during operation.
(2) Fragile or explosive area (oil tank, LPG tank) is prohibited.
(3) Sparkle during operation in above area will possibly lead to fire or explosion.


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