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Marine Refrigerator

Marine Refrigerator


  • Baked enamel finished
  • With wall mounted bracket
  • Capacity from 50L-208L for choose
  • Durable an reliable
  • High efficiency,space saving


Model Voltage Rating Size Net Weight
HSQ50R 220V/1P/50-60Hz 0.14kW 480×450×500mm 20kg
HSQ98R 220V/1P/50-60Hz 0.38kW 494×534×853mm 28kg
HSQ133R/F 220V/1P/50-60Hz 0.46kW 480×540×1165mm 42kg
HSQ188R/F 220V/1P/50-60Hz 0.59kW 545×600×1630mm 55kg
HSQ208R/F 220V/1P/50-60Hz 0.68kW 515×600×1550mm 60kg

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