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Marine Ice Maker

Marine Ice Maker


Marine ice cooker is an indispensable marine appliance, which is used to make ice. It employs an imported compressor. It has large capacity to reserve ice and built-in ice scraper which help to shovel ice easier. There are eight models that you can choose. If you have any spacial requirements, please contact us. We will give satisfactory reply for you.


  • The main body is stainless steel
  • Imported compressor with good quality
  • Micro-computer controlled, convenient for operation
  • With automatic malfunction prevention function for safety operation
  • Models of different capacity are available


Model Capacity Voltage Rating Size(W×D×H Weight
HSA26 26kg/24h 220V-1p-50/60Hz 0.68Kw 480×550×1050mm 42kg
HSA36 36kg/24h 220V-1p-50/60Hz 0.72Kw 480×550×1050mm 43kg
HSA76 76kg/24h 220V-1p-50/60Hz 1.1Kw 670×650×1100mm 59kg
HSA96 96kg/24h 220V-1p-50/60Hz 1.1Kw 670×650×1100mm 77kg
HSQ23 23kg/h 220V/1P/50-60Hz 0.18kW 457×472×875mm 86kg
HSQ30E 30kg/h 220V/1P/50-60Hz 0.18kW 460×520×875mm 93kg
HSQ40E 40kg/h 220V/1P/50-60Hz 0.28kW 460×520×925mm 110kg

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