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Marine Hot Well

Marine Hot Well

Marine Hot Well

1. Marine Hot Well Application

    The series hot well unit module can be used to steam condensate water, boiler water supply system of ships and drilling platforms. The hot well module is the necessary equipment of steam condensate water closed loop circulatory system.

    The hot well module is compact structure and easy operation, all exterior interface can be set according to cabin-room pipeline request.

2. Principle of Marine Hot Well

    The steam and condensing water which come from condensing water pipe was cooled by atmosphere condenser, then the condensing water get into the condensing water receive cupboard. The cooling water come from sea pressure tank, enter the cycling of cooling chamber and flow out from cooling water outlet. The filters of the condensing water cupboard filters out the larger particles, the floating oil is separated from the water through the specific gravity difference of oil and water, observe the water from the sight mirror, open the valve to discharge oil when the oil reached the thickness. The cooling water inflow the save cupboard and then discharge from the drain outlet.

    Adding fresh water to the save cupboard by automatic supply water inlet or manual operation supply water inlet. If the water temperature is too low, heating the water by high temperature steam, then pumping the water to boiler for reused after the water temperature reach the requirement. If the water level of the save cupboard is too low, the boiler feed water pump stop automatically.

3. Marine Hot Well System Composition

The hot well unit module is composed with public base, marine atmosphere condenser, condensate-water observation cabinet, hot-water well, automatic replenish-water valve, thermometer, temperature controller, liquid controller, hot-water pump, valve and etc. It is constituted part of steam condensate-water closed loop circulatory system. The surplus steam produced by boiler and condensate- water produced when the steam passing through the steam-using devices, they are cooled when passing through atmosphere condenser, then flow into hot-well, hot-water filtered in hot-well, exhausting the oil and dirty, sending it into boiler by pressure-increasing pump of boiler supply water, supply to continue circulatory in system, accomplishing heat-exchange of the whole system.

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