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Marine Dough Sheeter

Marine Dough Sheeter


The marine dough sheeter is completely stainless steel construction. The machine body is designed by Germany. Besides, it has gained the NSF and CE certification. It is a product with high quality and fair prize. We also have other marine kitchen appliances. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.we will give you satisfactory reply.


  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Germany design, high quality
  • With NSF and CE certification
  • Durable and high efficiency
  • Transparent and fair prize


Model Voltage Rating Size Net Weight
HSQ-500 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 0.37Kw 2100×850×1100mm 160kg
HSQ-500T 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 0.37Kw 1800×850×600mm 130kg
HSQ-600 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 0.75Kw 2500×960×1100mm 200kg

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