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Marine Channel-type Dishing Machine

Marine Channel-type Dishing Machine


  • Overall structure of stainless steel, sturdy and durable
  • Equipped with high-power washing pump to ensure the effect of cleaning
  • Designed with concave nozzle, high-efficient ability of cleaning
  • The cleaning arm and rinsing arm can be easily removed without any tools for cleaning
  • Controlled by intelligent system and protection device, once there is no one operating the dishes, the system will stop automatically.


Model Voltage Capacity Rating Size(W×D×H) Weight
HSA-1 380-415V-3P-50Hz 20racks/h 46Kw 1148×706×1840mm 250kg
HSQ03 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 46Kw 1118×768×1782mm 285kg
HSQ04 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 64Kw 5550×914×2103mm 1470kg
HSB200 380-415V-3P-50Hz 200racks/h 46Kw 1148×706×1840mm 250kg

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