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Marine Anchor Releaser

Marine Anchor Releaser

Marine Anchor Releaser

Application: Marine anchor releaser is one kind of marine equipment, which is used to release the anchor when the ship facing emergency, and makes sure ship can sail safely. Anchor releaser has the following main types: simple type, screw type, plug type and German standard anchor releaser. If you’re interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We’ll give you a quick and satisfactory reply.
Main Features of Anchor Releaser:

1. Releasing Anchor when Ships Facing Emergency;

2. Welded to the Anchor Chain Storage Bulkhead and Easy to Operate;

3. Main Material: Casting Steel

4. Epoxy Zinc-rich Paint;

5. Provide with CCS, DNV, ABS, LR,BV,GL Certificates etc.

6. Customize According to Customer’s Drawing

Reasons for Choosing Hi-Sea Marine:

1. Golden Supplier of Marine Equipment

2. High Quality Product

3. Competitive Price

4. Short Period of Delivery

5. Excellent One-Stop Service

6. Provide Certificates of Different Classification Societies

7. Can Customize Products according to Customer’s Requirement

Mooring Anchor Releaser in factory:

Marine Anchor Releaser.

IACS Certificates:

Main Mooring Anchor Releasers:

JIS F 2025-1992 Plug Type

CB*289-81 Screw Type

DIN 81860 German Standard

CB 3143-99 Dog Type

CB531-66 Simple Type

   CB887-77 Watertight Swivel

CB 887-77 Swivel Type

German Standard Chain Releaser

Marine Cable Clench

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