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Manual Plate Shear

Manual Plate Shear

Manual Plate Shear

1. Manual Plate Shear Summary

    Ever wonder how those high end fabricating shops get those cool flowing curves cut into their projects? With a rotary shear that’s how, and HI-SEA Marine just happens to have one. The manual plate shear is the perfect complement to any sheet metal fabrication shop. It has two rotating blades that only shear at the point when they are closest together. This allows the operator to turn and manipulate the material in any direction that he or she wants. The body is made from cast iron and is designed in a way that allows the material to pass through the machine and not get stuck. This feature truly does make it a throatless shear. The rotating shear blades adjust for differing material thicknesses and work in conjunction with the fully adjustable material guides to ensure accurate, clean cuts every time.
    In order to make the operation easier the rotary shear has a ratcheting device that allows the operator total control over the cut. The body is made of cast iron and has been designed for years of trouble free use under the most demanding conditions.
2. Specification of Manual Plate Shear

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Shear Capacity Sheet Steel     14 ga
Power     Manual
Shipping Weight     49 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions     13" x 9.5" x 13.5"

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