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Inflatable Liferaft Equipment

Inflatable Liferaft Equipment

Inflatable Liferaft Equipment


Our company has strong R & D, design, manufacture and sales department. The main marine life-saving products include: immersion suits, life jackets, life-saving light, first aid kits, emergency drinking water, food rations, thermal protective aid, hydrostatic release unit, radar reflector, embarkation ladder. The marine firefighting products include: emergency escape breathing devices, positive pressure breathing apparatus, fireman’s protective suit, fire insulation, fire axes, etc.

2.Main marine life-saving products

Insulation  Equipment

Material: Aliminium foil polyester

Size: 2000*640mm

Certificate: EC

Each packed in a Vacuum bag. 30 pieces packed with one carton.

8kg net/9kg gross/0.071m3/carton

Radar Reflector Aluminium Plates Type

Material: Aluminium plates

Echoing area:14sqm

Size:External diameter 36cm

Weight: 860g

Installing height: at least 3.5 meter above sea level

Hand Flares

Comply with SOLAS 1974 and latest amendment

Light intensity: 15000cd

Size: Ф27*145mm

Burn color: red

Burn time: ≥60s

Weight: <0.17kg

Validity: 3 years

Certificate: CCS/ZY/EC

Packing details:

Each 6 pieces packed in a small box then 10 boxes packed in a carton.

Carton size: 370*205*195mm



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