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Flat Cradle For Inflatable Liferaft

Flat Cradle For Inflatable Liferaft

Flat Cradle for Inflatable Liferaft


Flat cradle is used to store flatulent type liferaft. The flat cradle is designed to be mounted on the deck and equipped with all the needed fittings and screws. The cradle is made from stainless steel and can be adjusted to fit small to medium valise. The liferaft is secured by an adjustable stainless steel retaining strap. If you require a quick release device for this liferaft, you can fit a hydrostatic release unit into the liferaft strap. The product structure and the locking device are very stable in the wind and wave. It is safe and reliable, practical.

Type And Details:





Technical Requirement:

1. The welding part of liferaft cradle should be welded tighetly.

2. The surface is treated by customer’s requirement (painting or galvanization). If there is no special requirement, it is painted.

3. The revolving part can be turned easily.

4. The main material is 50×50 angel steel.

5. The HRU, fastener, steel line, turn buckle are offered according to customer’s requirements.

Drawing For Flat Cradle


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