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Gravitation Racking

Gravitation Racking


Each layer of the racking has a tilted track,along which the goods can slide into the storehouse. There is no passage between rows of racks, so space is saved. But the goods on the same layer and in the same row have to be the same, or the goods must be of the same batch. Moreover, when the track is long, there should be braking device to slow down the movements of the goods.


  • The roller line is fixed on the shelf beam at an Angle.Tray from the high - end, along the roller line by its own gravity down
  • In order to control the pallet sliding at a steady speed and avoid impact, a set of damping system is set at a certain distance on the roller line
  • The faster the tray slides, the greater the resistance of the damping system.
  • The space utilization ratio of gravitation racking is higher than that of back rack and through rack, and the principle of first in, first out is realized.The safety and operation efficiency are the same as the pallet racking, which are widely used in all walks of life

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