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Goods Lift

Goods Lift

Goods Lift

1. General
Currently, large ore carrier roll-on roll-off ships, oil ship, container ships, luxury cruise ships, as well as the luxurious dining pontoon configuration elevator/escalator, namely can lighten the burden of delivery pressure, the crew of the labor personnel, can also enhance the overall level of the ship.
2. Features
(1). Higher quality requirements for all parts of the elevator (compared with land)
(2). The well is fireproof, insulated and heat preservation
(3). The elevator car and its configuration shall be fitted with a set of speed govemor and safety tongs
3. Parameter


Marine elevator

Ambient temperature range


Air temperature

Relative humidity95%, condensation, surrounding medium has oil mist or mold

Drive mode

Hydraulic drive/traction drive

Load capacity




Types of elevator

Passenger elevator, crew elevator, goods elevator

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