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Boat Lift

Boat Lift

Boat Lift

1. General
Lift equipment fixed to the ship ae a hoisting equipment use by passengers, crew or other personnel, it serves a specified floor and includes a sealed car running between two rigid guide rails. The car's size and structural type are specially designed for easy access.
2. Features

(1). Higher quality requirements for all parts of the elevator (compared with land)
(2). The well is fireproof, insulated and heat preservation
(3). The main parts of the elevator are required to be fitted with shock pads to prevent resonance
(4). Elevator shaft lighting shall be equipped with special lights and equipped with double control switches in upper and lower positions
3. Parameter


Marine elevator

Ambient temperature range


Air temperature

Relative humidity95%, condensation, surrounding medium has oil mist or mold

Drive mode

Hydraulic drive/traction drive

Load capacity




Types of elevator

Passenger elevator, crew elevator, goods elevator

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