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Fluoroprotein Foam Extinguishing Agent

Fluoroprotein Foam Extinguishing Agent


Fluoroprotein foam extinguishing agent is manufactured by adding appropriate fluorocarbon surfactant to the protein foam extinguishing agent. Due to the action of the fluorocarbon surfactant, this foam extinguishing agent not only has the performance of protein foam fire extinguishing agent, but also can be used to extinguish large range fires of oil storage tank. Our company has both 3% and 6% fluoroprotein foam extinguishing agent.

Product Superiority:

1. Environment friendly

2. Outstanding liquidity

Product Detail:

PH value (20℃): 6~9.5

Freezing point: in 0~-4℃ of characteristic value

Property of anti-freezing and anti-melting: no visible stratification and heterogeneity

Precipitate (volume %): Before aging:≤0.25 (precipitate can leak from the sieve of 180 µm)      After aging: ≤1(precipitate can leak from the sieve of 180 µm)

Foam expansion (20℃): ≤characteristic value±0.1or ≤20% of characteristic value

20% drainage time (min) (20℃): ≤(1±20%) of characteristic value

Fire extinguishing time (min): ≤4

Burning resistance time (min): ≥15

Photo of Fluoroprotein Foam Extinguishing Agent:

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