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Fireproof Rock Mineral Wool Panel

Fireproof  Rock Mineral Wool Panel

1. Introduction:

Fireproof Rock Mineral Wool Panels are a type of panel used in construction and industrial applications that are designed to be fire-resistant. These panels are made from a combination of rock wool and steel or aluminum, which provides strength and durability.

Rock mineral wool are made from natural mineral wool such as basalt and dolomite.

The natural rock are melted into melts in cupola at a very high temperature,

Around 1500℃,according to the the different applications, it can be classified into board, pipe and blanket.

2. Features:

Excellent heat prevention, low thermal conductivity

Non-combustible material Grade A1, good chemical stability

Good sound absorption, no corrosion, good repellency

Energy saving, no harm to human and environmental protection

Fireproof Rock Mineral Wool Panels are designed to provide a barrier against fire and smoke and are typically used in areas where fire safety is a concern, such as commercial buildings, hospitals, and industrial facilities. They are used in walls, roofs, and ceilings to prevent the spread of fire between compartments.

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