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Fireproof Aluminum Honeycomb Board

Fireproof Aluminum Honeycomb Board

1. Introduction:

Fireproof Aluminum Honeycomb Board is a type of building material used in construction that is designed to be fire-resistant. These boards are made from a combination of aluminum sheets and a honeycomb core material that provides the board with its fire-resistant properties.

The aluminum sheets used in these boards are typically coated with a high-quality paint finish, making them resistant to corrosion and weathering. The honeycomb core material is made from non-combustible materials, such as mineral wool or rock wool, which provide excellent fire-resistant properties.

2. Feature:

Fire resistance

Moisture resistance



Easy to install


3. Application:
Fireproof Aluminum Honeycomb Boards are commonly used in building facades, cladding, and interior walls where fire safety is a concern. They are also used in commercial and industrial settings, such as airports, hospitals, and warehouses.

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