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Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel

Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel

1. Introduction:

Aluminum plastic composite board is a new type of decorative material, which is made of chemically treated coated aluminum board as the surface material and polyethylene as the core material processed on the production equipment of aluminum-plastic panel.

Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel, also known as Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP), is a type of building material used in construction that is designed to be fire-resistant. These panels are made from a combination of aluminum sheets and a mineral-filled core material that provides the panel with its fire-resistant properties.

The aluminum sheets used in these panels are typically coated with a high-quality paint finish, making them resistant to corrosion and weathering. The mineral-filled core material is made from non-combustible materials, such as mineral wool or rock wool, which provide excellent fire-resistant properties.

2. Features:


Color diversity

Convenient construction method

Excellent processing performance

Excellent fire resistance

Excellent moisture resistance

 have a high strength-to-weight ratio

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