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FRP Alkaline Storage Tank

FRP Alkaline Storage Tank

The Scope of Application:

The alkaline storage tank is a container for alkaline chemical liquid, such as sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, bleach, sodium hypochlorite and other highly corrosive chemicals. The lining of FRP alkaline storage tank produced by Guangzhou solid peptide reaches 4mm. Each alkaline medium and the temperature of use, different design and process

Product Characteristic:

Product structure Medium characteristics: Sodium hydroxide is a strong corrosive strong base. The concentration is between 0 and 45% and the density is between 1.000 and 1.525 Kg/L.

Volume range: 0.5m3 ~ 100m3;

Inner diameter range: diameter DN600 ~ DN4000;

Flange standard: all kinds of standards can be selected according to user requirements;

Main styles: mainly flat vertical and round bottom horizontal;

High-temperature, 45% or more concentrated alkali storage tanks should be made of PVDF-lined FRP composite storage tanks;

Appearance color: translucent light green, special requirements to add gel coat or color paddle to change the appearance color;

Fixed feet: can be selected according to user's requirements, the material is made of FRP, carbon steel (lined glass anti-corrosion) or stainless steel;

Safety accessories: ladders, handrails, carbon steel (external anti-rust paint) or stainless steel;

Liquid level accessories: PVC level gauge, float level gauge

Photo One of FRP Alkaline Storage Tank:

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