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FRP Measuring Tank

FRP Measuring Tank

The Scope of Application:

It is widely used in hazardous environments such as chemical, electroplating and environmental protection industries.The FRP measuring tank is mainly composed of two parts: FRP tank and metering system. The measuring tank is made of high-strength FRP, which not only solves the requirements of high strength of the tank during metering, but also solves the high resistance of acid and alkali to FRP tank. Corrosion demand. Remote systems can also be configured according to special environmental process requirements to implement remote data transmission.

Product Characteristic:

Product structure volume range: 0.5 ~ 10 cubic can; inner diameter range: diameter DN600 ~ 2000; flange standard: various standards can be selected according to user requirements; metering storage tank: made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (vinyl resin Lining); metering part: using the flow meter of well-known domestic manufacturers, can also be specified by the user. Special environment needs to be equipped with a remote transmission system;

Style: flat-bottom vertical or horizontal storage tank; appearance: translucent, special requirements to add gel coat or color paddle to change the appearance color; feet: can be selected according to user requirements, the material is carbon steel (lined glass steel anti-corrosion) Or stainless steel, etc.

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