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FRP Nitrate Tank

FRP Nitrate Tank

Product Characteristic:

Characteristics of the medium: Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing and highly corrosive inorganic acid. The concentration is between 0% and 67%, and the density is 1.000~1.410Kg/L.

Volume range: 0.5m3 ~ 150m3;

Inner diameter range: diameter DN600 ~ DN4000.

Flange standard: all kinds of standards can be selected according to user requirements;

Main styles: mainly flat vertical and round bottom horizontal;

67% concentrated nitric acid storage tank at room temperature should be made of PVC-lined FRP composite storage tank;

High-temperature 67% concentrated nitric acid storage tanks should be made of PVDF-lined FRP composite storage tanks;

Appearance color: translucent light green, special requirements to add gel coat or color paddle to change the appearance color;

Fixed feet: can be selected according to user's requirements, the material is made of FRP, carbon steel (lined glass anti-corrosion) or stainless steel;

Safety accessories: ladders, handrails, carbon steel (external anti-rust paint) or stainless steel;

Liquid level accessories: glass level gauge, PVC level gauge;

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