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FRP Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank

FRP  Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank

The Scope of Application

FRP  hydrochloric acid storage tank is widely used in: chemical industry, papermaking, food, electronics, petroleum, pharmaceutical, packaging, transportation and other fields. Resistant to all kinds of acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent corrosion

Product Characteristic

Meet the needs of the inflammable medium and environmental resistance material

The content of organic and inorganic solvents and has a chemical and electrochemical corrosion medium storage, transit, and production needs

Meet the electrolyte fluid transfer, transmission, to eliminate static electricity needs

Meet all kinds of bearing shear resistance and buried with the load on the mechanical requirements

FRP hydrochloric acid storage tank has high mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance, long service life, light weight, insulation, insulation, etc. Series characteristics, use the unit can save energy, improve the carrying capacity, reduce maintenance costs

Adopt Standard

FRP Chemical Equipment Design Regulations HG/T20696-1999

Plastic Equipment HG20640-1997

FRP Container Structure and Design BS4994:1987

FRP Storage Tank Standard Series HG21504.1-2-92

Filament Wound Reinforced Plastic Storage Tank JC/T587-1995

Export Standard STMD3299

Product Specification

Circumferential tensile strength


Poisson's ratio coefficient


Axial tensile strength


Thermal expansion coefficient


Cycloaxial elastic modulus


Volume resistivity

5.5X10^14 cmΩ

Axial tensile modulus


Food grade residual styrene content


Barker hardness


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