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Engineer Plastic Portable Light

Engineer Plastic Portable Light

The scope of application:

Suitable for temporary workplace lighting such as ship inspection or loading and unloading of goods

Products Characteristic:

Engineer plastic has high service temperature, better solvent resistance. Improved mechanical properties compared to commodity plastics. And has excellent electrical insulation properties. The potable light has delicacy appearance, light weight and convenient to remove. Lamp body adopts seal structure, and has good waterproof function.

Production authentication:

Approved by the CCS (China Classification Society)


Type Power Voltage Lamp Holder Material protection class Weight Remark
CSD7 60W 250V/24V E26 engineer plastic IP56 0.91kg
CSD8 100W 250V/24V E26 engineer plastic IP20 0.75k without globe

Drawing of Engineer Plastic Portable Light CSD7:

Engineer Plastic Portable Light CSD7:

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