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Electric Towing Winch

Electric Towing Winch


The electric towing winch has been applied to various types of tugboats and offshore work vessels for rescue and towing purposes. It consists of drum, brake, clutch, pedestal, spooling device, motor and so on. Usually, the towing winch is equipped with an emergency release device. When the towed ship sinks, fires and explosions and other accidents, the emergency release device can quickly release the rope, disconnect the two ships, and ensure the safety of the tugboad. Motors have single-speed, double-speed and variable-speed motors.


Aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Advantages and Features

1. Compact structure, high shtength;

2. Remote control or local control;

3. Low noise, high security;

4. Working steadily and smoothly;

5. Easy for installation, lubrication and maintenance;

6. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

7. With or without warping head;

8. Manual or hydraulic brake and clutch;

9. Can be customized according to your requirements;

10. Certificate: RINA, BV, LR...

Drawing of Electric Towing Winch

Main Technical Parameters

Rating Load Rating Speed Rope dia. Rope Length Power
kN m/min mm m kW
70 0-10 φ30 700 30
80 0-10 φ32 200 30
120 0-10 φ30 400 45
160 0-10 φ44 600 55
250 0-8 φ44 600 75
Above specifications only for reference, we can supply various winches according to your requirements.

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