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Electric Jib Crane

Electric Jib Crane

Electric Jib Crane

The electric jib crane adopts the planetary gear drive mechanism to realize the rotary motion. It uses marine electric hoist as the lifting mechanism. The electric hoist is suspended under the boom by running the trolley, and the bottom of the track is welded with the rack. The rack is meshed with the output of the trolley, which can effectively prevent slipping and parking lock. The type of crane is applicable to all kinds of engineering ship, mainly for lifting equipment and heavy loads.

The electric jib crane with the high reliability of the electric hoist is a new generation of light lifting equipment to adapt to modern production. It is especially suitable for short distance, using frequently and intensive lifting operation. The electric jib crane has high efficiency, energy saving, cover an area of an area small, easy operation and maintenance, etc. According to the requirements of customers, we can customize different products.

Main Technical Data

Safety Load Swing Speed Hoisting Speed Hoisting Height Luffing Time Motor Power Weight
kN rpm m/min m sec. KW kN
20 0.8 12 20 70 7.5*3 50
20 0.6 12 20 80 7.5*3 55
30 0.8 12 25 70 11*3 58
30 0.6 12 25 80 11*3 63
40 0.8 12 30 80 15*3 64.7
40 0.6 12 30 90 15*3 74
The products approved by CCS,BV,ABS,NK,KR,RINA,etc.

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