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Electric Horizontal Capstan

Electric Horizontal Capstan

Electric Horizontal Capstan


An electric horizontal capstan is a type of capstan that is powered by an electric motor and is mounted horizontally on a ship's deck or other structure. It is similar to a hydraulic horizontal capstan in function, but it is designed to operate using an electric power source. Like other capstans, the electric horizontal capstan typically includes a brake system to control the speed and tension of the cables or ropes. It may also include other features, such as a clutch mechanism for rapid engagement and disengagement of the drum. Electric horizontal capstans are used in a variety of marine applications, including anchoring, mooring, and towing. They are often found on large ships and vessels, but can also be used on smaller boats and other structures where heavy loads need to be moved or secured.

Advantages and Features

1. Compact structure, high strength;

2. Excellent operation, exquisite appearance;

3. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan;

4. Local control and remote control;

5. Easy installation, easy maintenance;

6. With or without gypsy wheel;

7. Manual or hydraulic brake and clutch;

8. Horizontal structure;

9. Can be customized according to customers' requirements;

10. Certificate: BV, LR, RINA...

Electric Horizontal Capstan Structure

We not only provide customers with high-quality products, but also provide complete system solutions and added services for specific customers. Therefore, There are  high competitiveness.

Configuration options

Part Name



Capstan Head


Medium carbon cast steel has certain toughness and plasticity, high strength and hardness, good machinability, acceptable weldability, and poor casting performance than low carbon steel. Casting defects cannot be avoided.

ZG270-500 Precision Casting

High cost and no defects


Very high strength, excellent toughness and plasticity, low cost.


The high strength of welding capstan head.

Stainless Steel

Cold-rolled products have an excellent gloss and beautiful appearance; good processing performance; excellent welding performance; excellent pitting corrosion resistance, incredibly high-temperature strength, and excellent intergranular corrosion resistance.

Gear Reducer

Domestic second-tier brands

Poor quality and short service life.

Domestic first-line brand

Cost-effective and long service life.

*Homemade (recommended)

Good quality, cost-effective

Electric Motor Type


Good quality, cost-effective, long service life. Self-contained brake, high safety.

Other brands

High power consumption, relatively poor quality.


Good quality, high cost, long delivery time.



Suitable for products with small loads.


High strength and good welding performance.

Due to the fierce market competition, the phenomenon of low quality of other capstan suppliers is frequent. What is the difference between us and other low-quality suppliers?

The specific differences are as follows:

Part name

Other low quality suppliers


Our factory


Capstan head


Casting defects cannot be avoided


High welding strength and slow wear.


Very high strength, excellent toughness and plasticity, low cost.

Stainless steel

Cold-rolled products have excellent gloss and beautiful appearance; excellent processing performance; excellent welding performance, corrosion resistance; slow wear and high cost performance.

Gear reducer

Domestic second-tier brands

Poor quality and short service life.

Homemade or domestic first-line brands

Good quality and cost-effective.

Electric Motor Type

Other brands

High power consumption, relatively poor quality.


Cost-effective, good quality. Self-contained brake, high safety.



Low strength, suitable for products with small overload; Used for heavy loads winches, wear out quickly and break easily.


Higher strength, slower wear, not easy to break, suitable for both small and large load winches.

Drawing of Electric Horizontal Capstan

Horizontal Capstan

Main Technical Parameters

Mooring Load(KN) Nom.Speed
Overall size
10 18 φ300 φ13 1520×745×600 6/2.5 1350/390
15 18 φ300 φ13 1400×600×900 7.5/7.5/5 1400/665/300
20 18 φ340 φ13 1550×700×1000 11/11/7.5 1400/665/300
30 18 φ370 φ18 1630×750×1010 12.5/12.5/5.7 1437/689/300
40 18 φ340 φ20 1680×920×1000 16/16/11 1400/665/300
50 18 φ340 φ20 1860×920×1000 22/22/16 1400/665/335
70 15 φ450 φ24 2200×1055×1200 30/30/22 1400/665/300
80 15 φ510 φ30 2300×1125×1300 30/30/22 1420/680/320
100 15 φ540 φ30 2500×1150×1300 45/45/30 1420/680/320
120 15 φ570 φ32 2800×1350×1300 45/45/30 1420/680/320
160 12 φ760 φ36 2870×1920×1415 45/45/30 1420/680/320
200 9 φ700 φ40 2830×1960×1600 45/45/30 1420/680/320
Above specifications only for reference, we can supply various capstan according to your requirements.
Electric Horizontal Capstan in Factory

Capstan precautions

1. First of all, the reasonable method in the dragging process is to fix the traction point, fix the body, and skillfully use tools such as tree-hugging belts and ground spears to ensure the reliability of the clutch switch.

2. Ensure that the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle are in a straight line. The angled traction will firstly offset the traction force, and secondly, the steel cable of the winch will be wrapped around one end. If the angle cannot be adjusted, the directional pulley can be used.

3. When pulling objects, if you need to loosen the steel cable, you should use the loosening button with caution, which will easily cause the steel cable to be knotted and entangled on the reel. You can use the clutch to stretch the cable as straight as possible.

4. When dragging heavy objects or vehicles that are difficult to drag, a pulley block can be used to form a loop to increase the traction.

5. A spare battery is also required. The winch can quickly run out of battery power. Double batteries are necessary, and the second battery can be made larger.

6. Wear gloves when operating the winch cable, and place rubber pads and other items on the cable to prevent destructive rebound after the winch cable breaks.

7. When using the winch to pull heavy objects or vehicles, always pay attention to the battery voltage. If the battery voltage is too low, stop the operation immediately, and increase the battery voltage by increasing the engine speed to force the generator to charge. Because the power of the winch motor is rated, the lower the voltage, the greater the current that breaks down the battery and the control relay, and the forced use of low voltage is easy and faster to reduce the life of the battery and the relay in the control box. In the case of low voltage, the rope retraction speed will also be slower.

8. The winch should be rigidly connected to the most solid and reliable place of the car body to avoid separation from the car body or other dangers during towing.

9. If the time is tight and the neatness of the rope cannot be guaranteed, it is also necessary to release the rope fence when conditions permit and rewind the rope fence neatly on the reel. Avoid long and messy winding of the rope fence.

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