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Dredge Bow Coupling

Dredge Bow Coupling


Dredge bow coupling is one of the parts of trailing suction hopper dredger, as the discharge device installed on the ship's bow.

The product consists of two parts, one fixed to the trailing suction hopper dredger, the other part is fixed to the discharge pipes or floating discharge hoses. The discharge hoses will be hoisted to the fixed part and inserted in the case. After assembled the two parts, the bow coupling can be discharge through the pipelines,the dredger can direct discharge by rainbow installation.

1.Dredge bow coupling can be assembled and disassemble in a short time.
2.Connecting discharge hoses safely and efficiently.
3.Suitable for use in rough sea conditions.
4.Available remote control and local.
5.Easy to maintenance.
6.Long service life.
7.Widely-used in the dredging industry.
8.The dredge bow coupling is the non-standard equipment, we can provide it, according to your special requirements.

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