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DN400 Dredge Gate Valve

DN400 Dredge Gate Valve

Dredge gate valves mainly used for dredge pipe line,land pipe line is also avaliable, in oder to supply more professional products,we can modify the technical parameters according to your special requirements.

1.Dredge gate valves are developed,according to the specific requirements of pipe used for dredger.
2.Dredge gate valves drived by hydraulic cylinder and sealed by rubber.
3.Stainless steel wedge gate and heat-affected valve body.
4.Simple structure,high quality .
5.Main mediums are sewage,water and oil.
6.Types:switch type and contious display type.
7.Pressure up to 2.5Mpa.

1.Hydraulic cylinder:body steel45,piston rod 1Cr17Ni2
2.Valve bady:Q235,16Mn.
3.Valve gate:stainless steel.
5.Fastener:Q235,steel 45,stainless steel.

Main Parameters

1.Working Pressure PN≤1.6Mpa
DN H1(mm) H2(mm) b(mm) d(mm) K(mm) D(mm) n-Th
400 351 1928 568 260 515 565 16-M24

we can modify the parameters,according to your requirements.

2.Working Pressure PN≤2.5Mpa
DN H1(mm) H2(mm) b(mm) d(mm) K(mm) D(mm) n-Th
400 380 1918 568 428 550 620 16-M27
we can modify the parameters,according to your requirements.
Drawing Of Structure

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