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Ballast Water Management System Manufacturer

Ballast Water Management System Manufacturer 

Ballast Water Management System Manufacturer

1. Ballast Water Management System Requirements

    Around the world approximately 3 to 5 billion tons of ballast water is transferred via ships each year, introducing aquatic invasive species into new environment, posing serious threats to maritime ecosystems, aquatic economy and human health.

    The transfer of ballast water cannot be avoided since ballast water is absolutely essential to the safe and efficient operation of modern shipping. But the transportation of non-native species can be eliminated by means of appropriate treatment of ballast water.

    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adapted the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004, which mandates all ships that carry ballast water install treatment system by the required year depending on their ballast tank capacity and the year being built.

2. Description of Ballast Water Management System

    Pollution caused by discharge of ship's ballast water has been confirmed as one of the four major pollution sources to the world oceans. UV disinfection has become one of the most mature, reliable, effective pure physical methods for ship's ballast water disinfection.

    For the ship's ballast water, this specific treatment object, our expert designs enhanced physical technology including hydrocyclone separation filter, ultrasonic wave pre-treatment, UV reactor disinfection, uses powerful function to rapidly treat ballast water, so as to complete the ballast and discharge during loading and unloading, the treated ballast water discharged following treatment completely meets the requirement of International Maritime Organization (IMO) and United States Coast Guard (USCG).

3. Ballast Water Management System Advantages

    Compare with chemical technology
   (1) Safe and reliable, no chemical agent added, no hazardous gas such as H2/Cl2 generated, no residual oxides, no human hazards and ship erosion.
   (2) Efficient spectrum, instant treatment, suitable for any ship, free from water quality effects such as salinity.
   (3) Simple structure and convenient operation. There is no need to test the residual oxide concentration in the discharge water and no need to neutralize the treatment tank.
   (4) The equipment has low cost and low fault rate, long service life, no electrode and other expensive vulnerable part, easy to maintain.

    Compare with other pysical technology
   (1) The synergistic application of ultraviolet ray and ultrasonic wave significantly improves the treatment efficiency, reduces the energy consumption and the equipment volume.
   (2) Ultrasonic cleaning UV system online, simple structure, easy to install.
   (3) The self-developed device has independent international patent intellectual property rights, adapt to higher TSS waters, and is free of manual dismantling and washing.
   (4) UV output power can be adjusted automatically according to water quality, energy saving.


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