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200 Ton Marine Hydraulic Driven Shark Jaw For Deck

200 Ton Marine Hydraulic Driven Shark Jaw For Deck

Application: HI-SEA marine can provide a big range of hydraulic shark jaws for AHTS vessel, with safety working capacity ranging from 2000KN to 4000KN. Shark jaw with towing pins can deal with tugging, anchor-handling and supplying in general. When the hydraulic cylinder is activated, it pushes the palm plate above the main deck to be straight. When both palm plates in the activated position, the anchor cable is limited in the narrow space between these two plates. An emergency system is designed in it to provide quick release of the wire rope or chain. We can provide hydraulic driven shark jaw with factory certificate or IACS certificate.

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1. Work with the hydraulic pump station;

2. Remote-operated;

3. Different replaceable jaws for different sizes of wires;

4. Retractable in deck

5. Watertight deck device, avoiding the leakage of water into the cabin;

6. Quick release system;

7. Double security

8. Each shark jaw can be raised and locked independently.


1. Safe Working Load: 80~750tonnes;

2. Max. Chain Size:7”(177mm) chain

3. Max. Wire Size:7’’(178mm) steel wire rope

4. Electric/Hydraulic driven;

5. Replaceable jaw inserts for different chain sizes

6. Application: for tug, anchor handling and supply vessel or other types of ships.

Drawing of shark jaw:

Type Rated Pull Dia of Chain Dia. Of Wire Rope Total Weight
(KN) (mm) (mm) (T)
SYJ-200 2000 56-84 50-80 4.6
TYP-200 3.2
SYJ-300 3000 66-94 60-90 7.3
TYP-300 4.5
SYJ-400 4000 76-114 80-120 10.3
TYP-400 6.2

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