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19~108kW Electric Heater for Jacket Water

19~108kW Electric Heater for Jacket Water

Basic Information

Plate heat exchanger is a flow-through electrical heater unit, ideal for    heating of engine jacket cooling water. The preheater’s heat load capacities range from 15 to 270 kW, with standard design values of 10 bar(g) and 95°C.

The exchanger is installed horizontally and comes as a complete unit with pre-mounted pump, control cabinet, safety valve and non-return valve, ready for installation.

Technical Specifications

Design pressure: 10 bar(g)

Design temperature: 95°C

Flanges: PN 86030/JIS-16K/EN1092-1

Mounting style: horizontally

Surface loads: water 10 W/cm2

Type Electric heater for jacket water
Design Flow through
Capacity 19~108kW
Design Pressure 10 bar(g)
Installation Horizontal Vertical
Materials T: ss316 S: Carbon steel
T: Tubes; S: Shell

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