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10~5000kW Oil and Water Cooler

10~5000kW Oil and Water Cooler

Basic Information

This type of heat exchanger is a compact shell and tube heat exchanger with U-tubes, ideal for heating or cooling of oil or water. The heat exchanger uses either steam or thermal oil as heating medium, and it uses either freshwater or seawater for cooling. Its heat load capacities range from 10 kW to approx. 5,000 kW, with design conditions (shell/tube) either up to 16/16 bar 160/204°C or 32/19 bar 195/212°C.

Technical Specifications

Design pressure shell/tubeside: 16/16 bar or 32/19 bar(g) Design temperature shell/tubeside: 160/204°C or 195/212°C

Flanges: EN1092-1, JIS-16K or SAE

Tube side flange connections axial or with 90° elbows. Mounting style: Horizontally or vertically

Type Heat ecchanger for oil and water heating or cooling
Design U-tubes
Capacity 10~5000kW
Design Pressure 16 or 32 bar(g)
Installation Horizontal Vertical
Materials T: carbon steel,CuNi or stainless steel S: Carbon steel
T: Tubes; S: Shell

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