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15 Persons Fiberglass Inflatable Boat

15 Persons Fiberglass Inflatable Boat

15 Persons Fiberglass Inflatable Boat


The inflatable boat used fiberglass as the material for the hull. Fiberglass hulls are easier and cheaper to repair when minor accidents occur. It is also easier to find fiberglass technicians almost everywhere. On the other hand, there is a large space to tolerate 12 persons.



Driving more smoothly and safely.

The inflatable boat has a good balance between good performance and comfort.

The inflatable boat widely used in water leisure, entertainment, fishing and other water operations.

These boats produce less noise under operation.

We can provide CE certificate.


Length(cm) Width(cm) Tube Diameter(cm) Net Weight(kgs) Max Persons Max Engine(HP) Material
730 288 54 800 15 225 PVC/HYPALON

5.Standard Accessories:

2 Oars

1 Foot pump

1 Repair kit

1 Boat cover

5 Life jackets

1 150L built-in oil tank

1 Anchor

1 Anchor rope

1 Fiberglass anchor tray

1 Bandage

1 Sewage pump

1 60A battery (with battery box).

1 Benches with cushions

1 center console(including windshield,6 point switch,oil gauge)

1 seat box without table same as right hand

1 Standard steering system

1 fiberglass or stainless steel roll bar(with navigation lights)

1 electric air pump

1 stainless steel sunshade

1 shower system(70L built-in water tank,clean water pump,shower head and water pipes)

1 up and down dining table

1 stainless steel ladder

6.Optional Accessories:(you need to pay for)

Trailer with CE certification

Hydraulic steering system

Teak floor

7.Photo of the fiberglass inflatable boat:


The fiberglass inflatable boat at sea

color card

Color card (It can be customized according to customer's requirement)

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