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1.2mm PVC Rigid Inflatable Boat

1.2mm PVC Rigid Inflatable Boat

1.2mm PVC Rigid Inflatable Boat


This inflatable boat is made of 1.2mmPVC. The material has high practical value in abrasion resistance, durability, salinity and solar irradiation. Inflatable boats have the flexibility to remove the transfer and the effect of good impact buffering. Because the inflatable boat is very light, at the same horsepower or the same speed, it has better speed and less fuel than other ships!


1.2mm PVC(max persons 9-12)


1.2mmPVC guarantees the solidity of the hull.

It is lighter and more convenient to carry.

It has a high speed.

Suitable for people of all ages.

PVC inflatable boat has excellent air tightness and long service life.


Type Length(cm) Width(cm) Tube Diameter(cm) Net Weight (kgs) Gross Weight (kgs) Max Persons Max Engine(HP) Material
BQ-B-520A 520 245 53 400 430 9 70 1.2mmPVC
BQ-B-580 580 248 53 422 440 10 90
BQ-B-680 680 303 54 740 757 10-12 225
BQ-B-750 750 240 51 800 812 12 250
BQ-B-850 850 288 62 1125 1200 12 200-300

5.Photo of 1.2mmPVC Rigid Inflatable Boat:

inflatable boat f2

Inflatable Boat in the factory

inflatable boat f3

Inflatable boat at sea

color card

Color card (It can be customized according to customer's requirement)

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