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1.5 m³ Marine Hot Well Unit

1.5 m³ Marine Hot Well Unit


Marine hot well units are suitable for steam condensate and boiler feed water systems of ships and drilling platforms. It is an indispensable equipment for steam condensate closed loop circulation system.

Technical Specifications
Module Unit 10
Volume m³ 1.5
Area 10
Condensate cooling ℃ ~60
auto water pressure kgf/cm² 1~6
work pressure piping side MPa 0.3
Work pressure shell side MPa 0.1
Appearance size L*W*H mm 1970*1180*1900
Weight Kg 840
Seawater inlet DN/PN 65~80/1.6
Seawater Outlet 65~80/1.6
Condensate inlet DN/PN 65~80/1.6
Excess steam outlet DN/PN 40~65/1.6
Supply water outlet DN/PN 25~50/1.6
System Composition and Working Principle

The unit is composed of base, marine atmospheric condenser, condensate observation cabinet, hot water well, automatic water supply valve, thermometer, liquid level controller, valve and so on.

The unit is a necessary part of the condensate water closed circulation system. The remaining steam produced by the boiler and the condensed water produced when the steam is used in the unit is cooled through the atmospheric condenser and then flowed into the hot well device. The condensate in the hot water well is filtered to remove oil and other impurities, and then pressurized by the boiler feed pump into the boiler supply system to continue circulation, to achieve the purpose of saving fresh water.Realize the heat exchange function of the whole system.

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