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0.25 m³ Marine Oil Water Separator

0.25 m³ Marine Oil Water Separator

The YSZ series 15ppm bilge water separator is designed and manufactured according to the IMO resolution MEPC.107(49), Guidelines and Specifications for Pollution Prevention Equipment for Machinery Space Bilges of Ships. This Equipment is used for the treatment of bilge water of various ships. The treated bilge water will be able to meet the standard specified by the IMO MEPC.107(49) Resolution and then may be discharged overboard.

Technical Specifications

No. Name Material
1 Ball valve DN20 SS
2 Bilge water pump Assembly
3 Dialysis unit Assembly
4 Ball valve DN20 SS
5 YSZ serial 15ppm Separator of cabin bottom water Assembly
6 Thief hatch Assembly
7 Third stage oil discharge valve Copper
8 Electrical control box Assembly
9 Stop valve DN25 Assembly
10 hanging lugs Assembly
11 Ball valve DN10 SS
12 Nameplate SS
13 Pressure gauge Assembly
14 Second stage oil discharge valve Copper
15 Tank Q235-B
16 Ball valve DN20 SS
17 Base Assembly
18 Third stage discharge solenoid valve Copper
19 Oily mixture discharge valve for exceeding 15 ppm Copper
20 discharge solenoid valve for not exceeding 15ppm
21 Third stage water inlet valve Copper
22 Second stage discharge solenoid valve Copper
23 Emulsified oil discharge valve Copper
24 Ball valve DN10 SS
25 Safety Valve DN20 Assembly
26 First stage oil discharge solenoid valve Copper
27 Electrode Assembly
28 Electric heater Assembly
29 Thermocouple Interface Assembly

Mod. Treatment capacity m3/h Discharge standard Working pressure Motor power (kw) Electric heating power(kw) Power supply
YSZ-0.25 0.25 ≤15ppm, satisfying(IMO)MEPC.107(49) ≤0.3MPa 0.18 1 3Ph/380V/50Hz; or 3Ph/440V/60Hz;
External Interface Size
Standard discharging outlet(DN) Exceed standard discharging outlet(DN) Oil-discharge outlet(DN) Back flushing inlet(DN) Clean water inlet(DN) Oily water inlet(DN)
20 20 20 20 20 25
IACS Certificate Options: BV, CCS, NK, DNV, GL, IRS, ABS, LR, RMRS, RINA

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