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Oil Water Separator Plant

Oil Water Separator Plant

1. Oil Water Separator Plant Description

International Maritime Organization concerning the Marine Environment Protection Committee conferred upon it by international convention for the resolution IMO. MEPC. 107 (49) adopted on 18 July 2003. The resolution made the fully new requirement referring to 15ppm bilge treatment plant in Annex I of MARPOL73/78.
To comply with resolution IMO MEPC.107 (49), on board, especially ocean-going ships, they must be installed on board: 15ppm bilge separator, 15ppm bilge alarm and automatic stopping device.

2. Spare Parts of Oil Water Separator Plant







Grease seal of feeding pump

2 sets


The 2nd filter core

2 sets


O-Ring of the separator

1 piece


O-Ring of the filter

1 piece


O-Ring of the flange



Bilge level Probe

1 pcs


Seawater initial Filter

1 pcs

3. The Life of The Membrane

The life of the membrane has something to do with the membrane elements which are provided by its manufacturer. So try to adopt good-quality products. The life for the excessive use is 3 to 5 years at least and 8-9years at most.
To operate in the right way is a good method of prolonging the life of the membrane. For example, do not always use manual the 3rd membrane treatment as this will make the membrane work long time without stopping. The normal oily water treated by the 1st and 2nd treatment process could meet the discharge standard. If the emulsified oil is found in a short time and could be above the discharge standard. It is suggested to use “auto” switch, it can be turned to the 3rd stage automatically.
In the actual operation, the ship crew should take good care of the bilge water and do not let the washing surfactant flow to the bilge. This will greatly decrease the use of the 3rd membrane.

4. Principle of Oil Water Separator Plant

The device adopts the combination of steam (electrical) heating. The1st stage cone plate gravity and coalesce separation; 2nd stage fiber filter and 3rd stage membrane permeation in order to make the treated bilge water to meet the requirements of discharge standard of the resolution of IMOMEPC.107 (49).

5. Certificates of Oil Water Separator Plant: CCS, EC, BV, GL , KR, DNV, LR, ABS, RINA approvable.

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