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Trailer Fire Monitor

Trailer Fire Monitor


Trailer fire monitor is specially designed for today's industrial firefighting and protection needs. It can be used for fire-fighting, cooling, personnel protection, gas evacuation, etc. This fire monitor has two types: water and foam. They both have large water and foam flow, so they can extinguish the fire faster than similar products. The operator can control and operate it in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Product Superiority:

1. Large water flow

2. Movable

3. Easy to operate

Product Detail:

Water trailer:

Water flow: 1000L/s

Effective jetting rate: 1000kg/s

Jetting pressure: 25MPa

Jetting range: 200m

Pitching angle: -45°~+90°

Rotation angle: 180°

Max spray angle: 180°

Voltage: 220V

Power: 220kW

Weight: 1000-5000kg

Foam trailer:

Carbon steel foam tank, the capacity of foam is 1000L. Towing hook height is adjustable. The proportion mixing device is equipped with negative pressure type in-line (venturi tube). The mixingratio of 0.5% ~ 1% ~ 3% ~ 1% is adjustable. It is equipped with low expansion foam gun 21 bottles, stainless steel medium expansion foam gun, 1 portable since the pendulum foam monitor, a stationary bubble gun and lifting jack.

Model: SX-FT

Slide device: 4pcs

Outer size: about length 4m× width 2.3m× height 1.8m

Gross weight (not include the foam): about 2 tons

Package: liquid level display tube, tool kit, safety rails railing, wear-resisting mat, reflective labeling

Photo of Water Trailer:

Photo of Foam Trailer:

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