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Welding Machine Stud

Welding Machine Stud

Welding Machine Stud

Product details:

material: stainless steel, cast steel, etc.

diameter: customized

sample: available
application: Arc stud welding, shear parts of various structures in civil engineering, embedded parts and anchoring parts.


(1) Weld Stud  
(2) Welding Pin
(3) CD Stud  
(4) Shear Stud  
(5) Cheese Head Stud 
(6) Ball Head Bolt
(7) Thread Steel Stud  
(8) Screw Thread Steel Stud  
(9) Gas Welding Nail      
(10) Internal Thread Nail 
(11) Special Shape Nail    
(12) Arc Welding Stud      
(13) Copper Weld Stud     
(14) Aluminium Alloy Weld Stud
(15) Carbon Steel Welding Stud  
(16) Stainless Steel Welding Stud
(17) Ceramic Ferrules Shear Stud
(18) Ceramic Ring Weld Stud
(19) M3-M36 Welding Stud
(20) Welding Machine Stud

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