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Tugboat Rubber Fender

Tugboat Rubber Fender

Tugboat Rubber Fender

Application: Tug rubber fenders are used in all kinds of tug ship, go in for pushing, standing, stretching, and learning etc operation. Tug rubber fender adopt. Completely vulcanization technology, good performance, long life utility, easily installed. Tugboat Rubber Fenders are made of high abrasion resistance rubber with good resilience properties for required applications. These fenders are easy to install and dismantle with users friendly fixtures, too tackles.they are compression molded in high pressure thermic fluid heated mould and have excellent resistance to ozone aging and UV rays, which enhance their life.

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Drawing of Tugboat Rubber Fender:

Type Inner Dia (d) Outer Dia
Length of product (L) Note
D D'
Φ200×Φ100×L 100 200 500-20000 Straight
Φ300×Φ150×L 150 300 Type
Φ400×Φ200×L 200 400
Φ500×Φ220×L 220 500
Φ500×Φ250×L 250 500
Φ600×Φ300×L 300 600
Φ700×Φ350×L 350 700
Φ750×Φ350×L 350 750
Φ800×Φ400×L 400 800
Φ400×Φ300×Φ200×L 200 400 300 Cone
Φ500×Φ400×Φ250×L 250 500 400 Type
Φ600×Φ450×Φ250×L 250 600 450
Φ700×Φ500×Φ300×L 300 700 500
Φ750×Φ450×Φ250×L 250 750 450
Φ760×Φ500×Φ300×L 300 760 500
Φ800×Φ600×Φ400×L 400 800 600
1.The Specification of the aboveA、B can be determined by the user. It has two kinds of  R、H i.e. R15、H30 and R25、H50.
2.Products of other sizes can be manufactured at users' request.
3.Rubber stopper is avaiable for easy-installation.

Marine rubber fender in factory ready for shipping:


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