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CB 887-77 Swivel Chain Releaser

Swivel Chain Releaser CB 887-77

CB 887-77 Swivel Chain Releaser

Application:Its applicable anchor chain diameter is 28mm to 57mm. The body of swivel chain releaser is made of carbon steel and other parts of chain releaser are made of lead brass and iron brass.We supply two standard types swivel type anchor chain releasers: CB*289-81 anchor releaser and CB 887-77 watertight swivel type anchor releaser. If you have special requirements about the products, and we can supply customized products for you. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Features of Swivel Chain Releaser:

1. Easy-operate and Low-risk

2. Standard: CB*289-81 and CB 887-77

3. Applicable Chain Diameter: 25mm to 60mm

4. Material: Steel,Lead Brass and Iron Brass

5. Supply CCS, DNV, ABS, LR,BV,GL and Other Certificates

6. Customized According to Special Needs

Drawing of Swivel Chain Releaser CB 887-77:

Mooring chain releaser in factory:

wivel Chain Releaser CB 887-77

IACS Certificates:

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