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Roll Built-up Welding Machine

Roll Built-up Welding Machine

Roll Built-up Welding Machine

1. Application

Roll Built-up Welding Machine is mainly used in steel industry of various kinds of casting roll, hot roll, cold hot backup roll, non-ferrous metal roll, and other artifacts in the early hardfaced beforehand protection. The equipment is mainly composed of bed body, track, tyre, tail frame, roller bracket, welding trolley, welding power supply, welding control system, electrical control system and other parts.

2. Specification

(1) Applicable workpiece diameter: φ200—1500mm
(2) Applicable workpiece length: 10000mm
(3) Applicable workpiece weight: ≤60T
(4) Spindle speed: 0.05-1rmp
(5) Chuck rotary drive power: 3 KW
(6) Lateral speed: 1—25mm/min (adjustable)
(7) Suitable for wire diameter: φ3.0—5.0mm (Bring your own)
(8) Power voltage: Three phase 380V 50Hz
(9) floating voltage: 70V
(10) Rated stowage rate: 100%
(11) Current Adjustment Range: 200A/25V—1000A/44V

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