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Pre-packaged deep well anodes

Pre-packaged deep well anodes


Pre-packaged deep well anodes are mainly suitable for impressed current cathodic protection of oil and water well casings, large factories and mines, and urban dense pipe networks. The prepackaged deep well anode is mainly used as the anode of the cathodic protection system in the case where the surface space is small or the surface soil resistivity is high. One of the advantages of using a deep well anode is that the anode has a certain distance from the protected structure, the distribution of the protection current is more uniform, and the corrosion interference to other buried metal structures is also small. The prepackaged deep well anode has the advantages of long service life, convenient installation, small grounding resistance and large discharge capacity. The successful development of the anode body greatly shortens the construction period of the project, and at the same time effectively ensures the construction quality of the key part of the cathodic protection system - the deep well anode bed. It is an ideal cathodic protection material for high soil resistivity areas.

Structure Feature

(1) The deep well anode system consists of deep well anode body, deep well anode, internal air guiding device, filling material, cable, and well protection device.

(2) The deep well anode can be made of noble metal oxide anode and high quality high silicon cast iron anode according to requirements.

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