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Polyurethane red sheet

Polyurethane red sheet

Polyurethane Red Sheet

It is a kind of macromolecule material between plastics and rubber. It has been widely used in the stamping industry of metal processing. Known as "Pressure Fluid Mould" and "Powerful Spring Bar", polyurethane as die material can greatly shorten the manufacturing time of the die, relax the fit clearance and reduce the cost of the die manufacturing. Stamping products can meet the requirements of no burr, full edges and corners, and high yield. It is produced by casting polyurethane elastomer process.
Material: polycarbamate group.
Structural parameters
Cast polyurethane elastomer (CPUR) is one of the three major processing types of polyurethane elastomer, which accounts for 6 o% of the amount of PUR.

Applicable occasions
Applicable to metallurgy, mining, petroleum, automobiles, building materials, sports, heavy machinery, large-scale stamping equipment shock absorber pads, pads, springs, and do a variety of metal sheets, pipe punching die. Friction of general mechanical equipment plays a cushioning or shock absorption role. It is an ideal die spring. Special for all kinds of machinery.

Wide hardness range:It still has elongation and resilience of rubber at high hardness. The hardness range of polyurethane sheet [1] is Shaw A10-D80.
High strength: Their tear strength, tear strength and load-bearing capacity are much higher than those of general rubber at the hardness of rubber. At high hardness, the impact strength and bending strength are much higher than those of plastics.
Wear resistance: Its wear resistance is excellent, generally in the range of 0.01-0.10 (cm3)/1.61km, about 3-5 times of rubber.
Oil resistance: Polyurethane board is a kind of strong polar macromolecule compound, which has little affinity with non-polar mineral oil and is hardly eroded in fuel oil and mechanical oil
Vibration absorption performance is excellent: which can be used as shock absorber and buffer. In the mould manufacturing industry, rubber and spring are replaced.
Radiation resistance: Polyurethane has good resistance to high-energy radiation, and it still has satisfactory performance under 10-10 G radiation dose.

It has good machinability.

It has good low temperature performance.

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