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/Polypropylene PP Short Mortar Concrete Fiber

Polypropylene PP Short Mortar Concrete Fiber

Polypropylene PP Mortar Concrete Fiber is a microfiber which can provide solutions of poor performances of mortar concrete in the constructions, say, large brittleness, low tensile strength, large dry shrinkage and impact resistance. Added into dry mortar and concrete, polypropylene fiber (PP) short fiber can improve the crack resistance and impermeability of the mortar product, thereby improving the integrity, flexibility, continuity and durability of the mortar.

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Technical indicators:

1. Linear density deviation rate ± 4.0%

2. Breaking strength≥ 8.5 cN/dtex (607Mpa)

3. Elongation at break 28%

4. Initial elastic modulus (1%)≥ 75cN/dtex (5356.5Mpa)

5. elastic modulus (1%) 50cN / dtex (357Mpa)

6. Defect2mg/100g



1. Effectively improve the crack resistance of concrete/mortar

2. Improve the impermeability of concrete/mortar

3. Reinforced impact resistance properties of concrete/mortar

4. Improve concrete performance

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