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Polyester polyurethane

Polyester polyurethane

Polyester polyurethane

Material: Polymer polyols and isocyanates

Structural parameters
It has a wide hardness range, from Shao A10-100. At present, there are more than Shao's A100 and above products.

Applicable occasions:
Applicable to metallurgy, mining, petroleum, automobiles, building materials, sports, heavy machinery, large-scale stamping equipment shock absorber pads, pads, springs, and do a variety of metal sheets, pipe punching die. Friction of general mechanical equipment plays a cushioning or shock absorption role. It is an ideal die spring.

It has good properties of chemical corrosion resistance, tensile strength, high elasticity, high pressure load resistance, high wear resistance, strong shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high strength, high load bearing and shock absorption.
(2) In a wide range of hardness (Shao's A10 to Shao D75), the elasticity can be maintained.
(3) Its excellent and unique comprehensive properties are not available to ordinary plastics and rubber. 

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