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PN16 Float Level Gauge

PN16 Float Level Gauge


UHZ-512 type magnetic float type level gauges are used to measure and control level of concretionary and slow liquidity liquid in the tank in ship and other industrial instrument.

Model Sign:

C- Marine

J- Adding alarm switch device

(SPDT retaining type)

Medium gravity

Nominal length H(mm)

X- Output signal

XB- Output signal and explosion proof (Xia II CT6)

Z- Magnetic level indicating

512- Clamp side mounting type  (Steam heating)

UHZ- Magnetic float type level gauge

Main Technical Specification:



Indicating accuracy


Nominal length


Medium gravity


Working temperature

1.0 (1.62.5) MPa

Medium temperature


Medium viscosity

≤0.02Pa . S

Steam pressure


Connection flange

GB2506-89 DN20 PN1.6

Alarm switch

AC220V 2A retaining type ( Option)

Output signal

DC24V 420mA (Optin)

Matched valve

①Shut-off valve ②Self-close valve ③Ball valve (Option)


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