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PN16 Float Level Gauge

PN16 Float Level Gauge


A PN16 Float Level Gauge is a type of level measurement instrument used to determine the liquid level inside a tank or vessel. The "PN16" designation refers to the pressure rating of the gauge, which indicates that it can withstand a maximum pressure of 16 bar (or 232 psi).

The float level gauge operates based on the principle of buoyancy. It consists of a hollow float that floats on the surface of the liquid inside the tank. The float is connected to a measuring tape or rod, which is calibrated to indicate the level of the liquid. As the liquid level changes, the float moves up or down, causing the measuring tape or rod to move accordingly and provide a visual indication of the liquid level.

The PN16 rating of the float level gauge makes it suitable for applications where the liquid inside the tank operates at pressures up to 16 bar. This rating ensures that the gauge can withstand the pressure without getting damaged or causing any leaks.

Main Technical Specification:



Indicating accuracy


Nominal length


Medium gravity


Working temperature

1.0 (1.62.5) MPa

Medium temperature


Medium viscosity

≤0.02Pa . S

Steam pressure


Connection flange

GB2506-89 DN20 PN1.6

Alarm switch

AC220V 2A retaining type ( Option)

Output signal

DC24V 420mA (Optin)

Matched valve

①Shut-off valve ②Self-close valve ③Ball valve (Option)


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