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1.6MPa Float Level Gauge

1.6MPa Float Level Gauge


A float level gauge is a type of instrument used to measure the liquid level in a tank or vessel. It consists of a float, which is buoyant and moves up and down with the liquid level, and a gauge or indicator that displays the position of the float.

The term "1.6MPa" in your question refers to the pressure rating of the gauge. MPa stands for megapascal, which is a unit of pressure measurement. 1.6MPa is equivalent to 16 bar or approximately 232 psi.

Float level gauges are commonly used in various industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, and storage facilities. They provide a reliable and visual indication of the liquid level inside a tank, allowing operators to monitor and control the process or storage operation.

Main Technical Specification:



Indicating accuracy


Nominal length


Medium gravity


Working temperature

1.0 (1.6、2.5) MPa

Medium temperature


Medium viscosity

≤0.02Pa . S

Steam pressure


Connection flange

GB2506-89 DN20 PN1.6

Alarm switch

AC220V 2A retaining type ( Option)

Output signal

DC24V 420mA (Optin)

Matched valve

①Shut-off valve ②Self-close valve ③Ball valve (Option)


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