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PN1.6 Magnetic Float Level Gauge

PN1.6 Magnetic Float Level Gauge


UHZ-516 (Pendant rope type) magnetic float type level gauge are used to measure and control liquid level in tank in ship and other industrial instrument.

Model Sign:

C- Marine

J- Adding alarm switch device

(SPDT retaining type)

Medium gravity

Nominal length H(mm)

X- Output signal

XB- Output signal and explosion proof (Xia II CT6)

Z- Magnetic level indicating

512- Pendant rope type

UHZ- Magnetic float type level gauge

Main Technical Specification:



Indicating accuracy


Nominal length


Medium gravity


Working temperature

1.0 (1.62.5) MPa

Medium temperature


Connection flange

GB2506-89 DN20 PN1.6

Alarm switch

AC220V 2A retaining type ( Option)

Output signal

DC24V 420mA (Optin)


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