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PE Synthetic Rope

PE Synthetic Rope

PE Synthetic Rope

1. Rope Features: This kind of mooring rope is made of PE so it has great wear-resistance with excellent anti-corrosion. PE synthetic rope can be used in the low temperature. Besides, it has high melting point so it has long great durability.

2. Material:Polyethylene

3. Strands: 3, 8, 12,16

4. Specification: can be customized as customers’ request, normally from 4mm-160mm

5. Length: 180m, 200m, 220m or as your request

6. Design: Flat, Around, Metal clips at two ends, or Elastic ring

7. Color: Red, green, yellow, pink, black almost 30 colors for selection or as your request

8. Accessories: Metal Clip, Metal Harb, plastic hook, metal buckle, plastic buckle or can be made as you require

9. Applications: shipbuilding, ocean transportation, national defense, military industry, sea petroleum, harbor operation, etc.

10. Packing: Packaged with bags, standard export carton or as require

11. Certifications: ABS, CCS, ISO, NK, BV, LR, RS, etc.

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PE Synthetic Rope

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