Open Reversible Inflatable Liferaft - Life Raft - Hi-sea

Open Reversible Inflatable Liferaft

Open Reversible Inflatable Liferaft

Open Reversible Inflatable Liferaft


The inflatable liferaft is stowed in the liferaft container on the deck. When people pull the painter line, the liferaft is inflated in the sea. It is equipped with an automatic drain valve on the floor, which aims to make the raft fully inflate in 10 to 25 seconds after dropping at ordinary temperature. This can enable individuals to be promptly and safely evacuated into the life raft.

Application of the product:

International Voyage High-Speed Craft, Inland Waterways Ships And QiongZhou Straits Passenger Ships

Approval standard:

1.MSC.81(70)Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliances

2. International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft(2000)

3.Sections 8, Chapter 3, Part Eight of MSA of P.R.C. Technical Regulations for the Statutory Surveys of Inland Waterways Ships 2004 and Revision 2008

4.MSC.293(87) and MSC.295(87) related requirement

Approval: CCS


Width(mm Height(mm Weight(kgs Carrying Capacity Max Storage Height(m
4150 710 95 25 18
860 200 50
6450 920 220 65

Drawing For Open Reversible Inflatable Liferaft

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